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Bosch eXtra is an exclusive retail loyalty programme designed for Bosch retailers like you, buying Bosch products. It is an initiative to recognise and reward your performance.
Bosch extra is open to all retail spare parts shops only. You can register online at www.boschextra.co.za or by completing the enclosed participation form
Purchases of eligible Bosch Automotive products are covered in this programme. Please refer to page 4 for more details and products covered.
Your Bosch Authorised Wholesaler will forward your purchase details to be entered into the programme website, each time you purchase eligible Bosch Automotive products. The points will automatically be updated to your account.
By visiting www.boschextra.co.za and entering your unique Bosch eXtra account number and password, you can view your points summary and track your balance points, which will be updated on a monthly basis.
To start redemption, you must have a minimum of 750 points.
Yes! You can redeem part of the points or all the points earned by you. Please refer to page 7 - 10 for gift options and points required. For example, if you have 5,750 points, you can redeem 2,750 points and carry forward the balance 3,000 points for future redemption
Yes! For example, if you have 5,750 points, you can either redeem your points for gifts worth 2,750 + 2,250 + 750 points or you can redeem your points for a single gift worth 5,750 points.
Please email boschextra@za.bosch.com with any query regarding Bosch eXtra
Welcome to Bosch eXtra, Please remember to quote your registration ID whenever you purchase select Bosch products from your Wholesaler.

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